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Vision Statement

My vision is to enhance the health and well being of client based on a therapeutic treatment which addresses the cause of the problem, not just the sign and symptoms.  With a commitment to excellence as a foundation, my goal is to offer clients a professional and comprehensive therapeutic treatment at all times. Aimed at bringing about a positive outcome for their long term health


Mission statement

To provide complimentary therapeutic services that will enhance the client’s overall well being, of the mind body and spirit. Encompassing all avenues of therapeutic care through a professional aspect with a holistic outlook and tailor each treatment to a clients individual needs with each visit.



Guiding Principles and Values

  • Honesty;

  • Integrity;

  • Respect for others and myself

  • Transparency and openness;

  • Accountability;

  • Fiscal diligence and sound financial planning;

  • Governance, organizational development and effectiveness;

  • Continuously developing appropriate partnerships through networking;

  • Professional ethics;

  • Excellence in Massage Therapy education, research and practice;

  • Dedication to public service and safety;

  • Continuous commitment to quality assurance;

  • Meeting and exceeding statutory obligations; and

  • The highest level of excellence in Massage Therapy practice.

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